Mandala Diary Notebook


Mandala Diary Notebook

Mandalas are works of the sacred art in Tantric Buddhism (Tibetan) the word Mandala comes from a Sanskrit word that means circle and are indeed primarily recognizable by their concentric forms of circles and other geometric figures.
This hand painted mandala art diary is hand-drawn which makes the art cover of your book trendy and artistic and truly one of its kind.
This dateless diary comes in A5 size (14*21cm) and has a handmade cover with 140 ruled pages.


– A5 diary with 140 pages.
– Page layout: Ruled, perfect for your note-taking
– Flat lay ergonomics: safety round corner design perfect to use in an office, or some good doodling or jotting down your thoughts.

Freebie – Get your name inked on the diary

Made in India

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Mandala Diary Notebook

Introducing our enchanting hand-painted mandala diary collection, a perfect blend of art and functionality for the Indian market. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these intricately designed diaries that celebrate the ancient art of mandala, crafted by skilled artisans with utmost precision and care.

Our hand-painted mandala diaries showcase captivating patterns and vibrant colors inspired by Indian heritage. Each diary is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of India and making it an ideal companion for your daily thoughts, sketches, and creative expressions.

Embrace eco-friendly practices with our sustainable mandala diaries, crafted using ethically sourced materials. Carry this lightweight and portable diary wherever you go, capturing your dreams and aspirations amidst the elegance of traditional Indian art.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, or someone seeking mindful moments, our hand-painted mandala diary will inspire your creativity and elevate your daily routines. Let the soothing energy of mandala art accompany you on your journey of self-expression.

Shop our exclusive collection now and infuse your life with the essence of Indian culture through our handcrafted mandala diaries. Unlock your imagination, support sustainability, and make a statement with this beautiful blend of art and stationery, tailor-made for the Indian market.


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