About Us

Hey there! Let me take the opportunity to tell you about myself, I am Hiral Doctor, a banker turned artist!

About my art journey

As a child I always remember spending all my summer vacations learning new things, taking up classes and exploring different materials and art forms! I could just spend hours unaware of my surroundings doing stuff I loved! This has not changed till today.

After settling in a corporate job for 15 years, I till had this craving to start painting again. A few years back, I started painting with acrylics colours and later I got into mixed media artwork, combining various techniques like painting, decoupage, etc.. I love working with different mediums, from Acrylics, Watercolor, Resin and the list keeps on increasing. 

With a lot of learning, practice and experiments, I couldn’t ignore my calling to pursue my passion, so here I am pursuing it as a full time artist based in Mumbai in the brand name of ‘Artangle90’

Artangle90 is straight from the heart brand and specializes in handmade products for home decor, corporate gifting, stationery and much more.

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